Day Two

Sixth Session : Investing in Latent Potentials of the Youth

12:30 - 14:00

The session discusses Investing in Youth Potential. As known, the youth category, which constitutes 22.2% of the total Palestinian population, is the most influential on society as this potential can make the change and shape the future. The youth are the key to development in Palestine, as progress in economic and social aspects cannot be achieved without investing in the potential of the youth. Therefore, youth issues are a top priority of the State of Palestine, given that Palestinian youth face many realities and challenges that are different from youth in other parts of the world. This session discusses the current challenges the Palestinian youth face, whether economic, social, or political, and addresses key policies and interventions aimed at enhancing youth investment for the advancement of development dimensions, especially in light of the demographic growth where youth represent a high percentage of the population.

- Session Moderator: Mrs. Sima Alami, Team leader, the Adolescents and Youth Program

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)- Palestine

- Discussants: 

  • Mr. Mr. Marwan Wishahi, Assistant Undersecretary, The Supreme Council for Youth and Sports
  • Ms. Siwar Odeh, Youth Advisory Council
  • Mr. Islam Masoud, Youth Advisory Council
  • Mr. Qutiba Odeh, Director, Al Bustan Association, Silwan

  • Mr. Mohammed Ghrouf, Member of the Jericho Municipality Council

Interactive discussion with the audience