Food Security Bulletin

Since 2009, MAS has been preparing and issuing a semi-annual bulletin in Arabic and English on food security in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The bulletin has two, interrelated objectives: increasing knowledge of food security issues and concepts across a wider audience, and reviewing food security and food aid indicators on a semi-annual basis.

Bulletin contents:

- Developments/updates:

  • Monitoring long-term developments in levels of food security/insecurity in Palestine based on data issued annually by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, UNRWA, and the UN World Food Program. In addition, a brief presentation details implemented/planned food aid programs in the Palestinian territories.
  • Outlining new issues related to food security and trends in food prices in the Palestinian territories.
  • Following up on developments concerning food prices in international markets.

- Review recent literature on the topic of food security.

- Definitions: This section deals with definitions related to the concept of food security.