PALESTINIAN ECONOMIC BULLETIN - Bulletin 203 - August 2023

31 aug 2023

Main reports

  • On 25 July, the Palestine Investment Fund partnered with TOBB-BIS, a Turkish industrial parks management company, on the development of the Jenin Industrial Zone
  • On July 13, the fourth stage of the Municipal Development Project was launched, with the aim of developing the infrastructure and local governance in 159 municipalities in Palestine
  • On 11 July, the Economic Empowerment Conference, organised by the Palestinian Business Forum and the Jordanian Business Forum was held in Hebron 
  • On 22 July, Al-Quds Fund and Endowment, the United Gulf Financial Services Company and Al-Quds University signed an agreement to establish a Tunisian- Palestinian investment fund to support and finance startups
  • The Al-Quds index reached 643.8 points on the last day of trading in July 2023, a decrease of 1.34% from the previous month
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