Forced Accelerated Demographic Transformation in Palestine: Learning from the Past to Understand the Present - Brief 8

author: Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute - MAS
year: 2023

The current aggression has led to demographic changes that can be observed in the relationship between the population and the place, particularly in the northern Gaza Strip. The current aggression attempts to erase the collective memory of the persistent efforts throughout history to deport the Palestinian demographic component from this small geographical space. The totality of Israeli policies, particularly the blockade, are systematically destroying any development structure capable of providing economic and social conditions conducive to living in the Gaza Strip. Imposing siege on Gaza, whether before or after the aggression, aimed to create conditions that make individuals unable to live and willing to leave “on their own.” The blockade of goods and restriction of movement prevents the authorities in Gaza from providing or achieving the services, whether essential or emergency.

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