Israel’s War: Making Palestine Unlivable for Palestinians - Gaza War Economy Brief #6

author: Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute - MAS
year: 2023

For six weeks now, Israel has unleashed its full military power in a prolonged retaliation for the October 7 surprise attack by Hamas-led Palestinian armed brigades targeting Israeli towns and settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip, which killed some 1200 Israeli civilians and military personnel. Palestinians view this a natural outcome of years of economic and social deprivation in Gaza and denial of Palestinian rights everywhere, and as legitimate resistance against occupation. While generally not condoning the deliberate killing of non-combatants, many Palestinians look at October 7 in terms of proportionality with what has happened since.

 For Israel and its allies around the globe, this brazen and bloody assault entailed an intelligence and policy failure that has been termed Israel’s Pearl Harbour, its 9/11. Meanwhile, Israel and the US have cast Hamas as a Nazi-ISIS entity that must be eliminated for the benefit of Western civilization itself.

Israeli war rhetoric and actions underway portend outcomes that could well mean even greater suffering for Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere in Palestine, with or without an Israeli declaration of victory.

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