Economic Monitor - Issue 73

author: The Palestine Capital Market Authority , Palestinian Monetary Authority, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute - MAS
year: 2023

This year marks the 19th year of fruitful cooperation between four Palestinian institutions in issuing the Quarterly Economic Monitor (QEM) on the Palestinian economy. Published for two decades without interruption, the Monitor provides comprehensive, archival data on developments in the Palestinian economy and the problems and difficulties that it experiences. Today, we are pleased to present QEM No.73, in its new format, necessitated by rapid technological developments in publishing and editing and called for by our readers. 

The Monitor will no longer be issued in printed, paper format, switching fully to electronic publishing. At the editorial level, focus has been placed on important and most prominent variables in economic transformations during each quarter. Efforts have been made to move away from descriptive texts, and towards the numeric presentation of data in graphs and tables, simplifying their accessibility to the reader.

Within QEM, we have created a special section under the title “Economic Follow-Up”, which provides brief analyses addressing contemporary and important economic issues (local or international) that concern the Palestinian citizen directly or indirectly, affecting his/her life and purchasing power. This issue contains three such monitoring reports, two of which are relatively long. Moreover, to further the dissemination of the numerous indicators and quarterly data series published in the QEM, MAS will soon be launching the digital QEM as an online platform, including a quarterly display and update of data from partners using a unified presentation system, benefiting both the casual reader and the specialized researcher. 

We hope that this will attract the interest of policy-makers, as well as researchers and the general public and that the QEM will be useful in disseminating knowledge on Palestinian economics and culture.

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