Policy Roundtables

Round Table (4) - The Future of Palestinian Employment in the Israeli Labour Market in light of Political and Economic Realities

author: Waleed Habas, Ismat Quzmar
year: 2022

The Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) convenes a round table discussion series to collectively discuss policy challenges and issues of general priority on the economic agenda, and to produce recommendations based on the scientific evidence and sound policy approach with the participation of experts and representatives from all relevant national and international partner sectors. These sessions often reveal a need for more research or consultative effort. In this context and in line with the Institute’s follow-up of labour market and workforce issues in its various research (studies, quarterly Monitor, etc.), we return to address that thorny issue that has always dominated the Palestinian development prospects,
positively at times and negatively at others, and has become the difficult number in the Palestinian efforts to break free from the colonial dependency imposed by the occupation, namely the massive flow of Palestinian labour to the Israeli labour markets, including its settlements.

This paper was prepared with funding from Heinrich Boll Stiftung (Jordan and Palestine)

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