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The economic dimensions of the war on the Gaza Strip according to international humanitarian law: Making Gaza Unlivab

18 oct 2023



Today, MAS issued the first edition of the “Economic Summary of the War on Gaza”, monitoring the comprehensively destructive approach adopted by the Israeli military forces in their war on the Gaza Strip. It focuses on Israeli policies and practices that affect the basics of human life and living conditions, considered a clear and evident violation of the rules of war. Through this effort, MAS seeks to contribute to documenting violations of international humanitarian law specifically related to economic affairs, as stipulated in the articles and clauses of The Hague Convention 1907 and The Fourth Geneva Protocol 1949.

What is clear from this reading is that, since October 7, the State of Israel has been carrying out military aggression against the Gaza Strip that goes beyond legitimate self-defense. It is collective punishment and its measures clearly violate international humanitarian law. The military and political goals that were officially announced are dangerous. Currently promoted by Israeli and American experts and officials, they all lead to one end: to make the Gaza Strip unlivable – physically and economically.

In the face of such an existentialist threat to the Palestinians in Gaza; their ability to endure; and their rights to a safe life; MAS makes available this first summary of the economic dimensions of the current war, and its destruction of the (already fragile) economic and social infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.


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