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MAS's Board of Trustees holds their 31st Annual Assembly

27 mar 2023


On 22 March, The Board of Trustees of the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) held its 31st annual meeting, under the Chairmanship of Dr. Nabeel Kassis. During the meeting, the Council discussed the Institute's research and financial performance in 2022, as well as its plans for 2023. The meeting began with a review of the management reports, based on which the Board took decisions aimed at enhancing the Institute's programs and financial sustainability.

The Director General of MAS, Raja Khalidi, presented the administrative and financial report for 2022, which highlighted the Institute's activities, including studies, publications, and journals produced during the year. These efforts aimed together to achieve the Institute's main goals by providing policymakers with technical advice and raising public economic awareness. The Council also heard from Ernst & Young, the external auditor, who reviewed financial data for 2022, highlighting the need for the Institute to intensify its efforts to cover the operational deficit in its budget.

The Board then discussed the report of the Resource Mobilization Committee, which supports the executive management in developing a strategy for financial sustainability that takes into account all external factors and explores new funding opportunities for the Institute's research activities and programs. The Board approved the estimated budget and research program for 2023, with quarterly reviews of the financial status and progress in implementing the research program to be conducted through meetings of its Bureau and its sub-committees.

The Board also took decisions aimed at strengthening its capacity to fulfil its role, including ways to enhance sustainability and provide the necessary requirements to achieve its mission. The Council expressed appreciation to the Institute's management for its research performance and efforts to contribute to public policy-making. It is worth mentioning that the Institute is supervised by a Board of Trustees, currently consisting of 14 Palestinian personalities known for their expertise in public service, academic reputation, and distinguished professional careers. The Board and the Institute operate under a bylaw that was approved in 1994, and the institute is registered as a scientific research center under the Higher Education Law of 1998.